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Flourish Living: Real Estate Professionals

Flourish Living is a new way to think about property management.  We aim to reconcile our desire to bring more compassion and consciousness to this world with our efforts to create a successful and unique apartment living experience.

Flourish Living's mission is four fold: (a) to enrich the life of our residents by providing a comfortable urban living experience with a strong sense of community, peacefulness and wellness, (b) to exemplify best practices in the industry for sustainable development in multi-housing, (c) to improve the life of our employees by showing a genuine interest in their personal growth, health, and job satisfaction, and (d) through the financial success of our efforts, to contribute at least seventy-five percent of the wealth which is created toward groups which promote compassionate and sustainable living.

We have come to realize that our communities do not have to conform to the old way of doing business and we can in fact affect change in our community. Through efforts to increase the energy efficiency of our properties and extend their useful lives, we help create housing which is much more environmentally sustainable.

By offering yoga classes, after school programs for children and installing bird feeders, hammocks, water fountains, sculptures, fire-pits and bark parks, Flourish Living endeavors to create a sanctuary of peace for our Residents in a high-stress world. We endeavor to be generous with the fruits of our labor by making significant donations to charities that promote living that is compassionate, peaceful and environmentally sustainable.

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