Flourish Living

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How is Flourish Living making a difference?

By choosing a Flourish Living property for your home, you are helping us make the world a more sustainable place!


Reduce, Re-Use and Improve

We renovate and manage existing properties, thereby extending the useful life of formerly run down properties.


Water Conservation

We install water efficient toilets, shower heads and faucets and improve the efficiency of our hot water and distribution systems. We also incorporate drip irrigation and native plants into our landscaping.


Energy Conservation

We install energy efficient appliances, fans and light fixtures, solar panels for common area amenities and use LED and CFL bulbs throughout our properties as well as increased insulation.



We aim to empower our residents and employees to live more sustainably.

Watering Can

Sustainable Living

We build and maintain resident gardens on all properties and place an increased emphasis on food producing landscaping across our properties.


Eco-Friendly Renovations

All of our new construction is Earth friendly and sustainable.


Recycling Centers

We offer onsite recycling containers in all offices and at all communities.


Carbon Neutral Properties

We practice carbon neutral management by planting trees reducing energy usage and by purchasing carbon offsetting credits.


Durable Flooring

We use tile or laminate instead of carpet and recycled carpet when possible.


Charitable Giving

We donate 50% of our profits to earth-friendly non-profit organizations.